Hamster Ball

Zorb Hamster Ball

This giant inflatable ball glows/ reflects in the dark..  Have your kids have a blast and experience the hamster ball..

Be a hamster and run like one too!

Zorb/ Hamster Ball can be used on flat or slightly inclined surfaces & must be on Soft-Clean Grass within confined area or Inside.

Weight limits apply


 Rental Rate:

1 Hamster Ball -$295.00 per ball / per day

Each additional ball  - $200.00 per ball/ per day

Size: 9' L x 9' W x 9' H


Gladiator/ Joust Arena - 2 Way

Put on the protective head gear and go back to the times of Gladiators!  Knock your opponent off the platform to be the victorious Gladiator!


 Rental Rate:

$295.00 per day


Velcro Wall/ Sticky Wall

28' x 12' x 14'

Upside down, all around...   How high can you fly?


 Rental Rate:

$295.00 per day


Jr Joust Arena

This unit is perfect for the smaller gladiators!

 Rental Rate:

$169.00 per day


Hoop Zone

Who can score most points?

This interactive and fun basketball hoop zone game will keep the kids busy for hours!


 Rental Rate:

$169.00 per day


Home Run Challenge

Take me out to the ball game!

Batter Up!  Test your Home run abilities in this fun interactive home run challenge game


 Rental Rate:

$169.00 per day


Ladder Climb

A true test of balance, coordination and climbing abilities on this new game. Participants struggle to see who can make it to the top, as the ladder twists and turns with their every move. In case they can't hold on, an inflatable mattress will catch their fall. Includes inflatable mattress, blower, ladder.  Perfect for church functions, festivals and team building events.                                                                                                                                       

 Rental Rate:

$249.00 per day


Wacky JR Obstacle

 Great for Little Challengers! Perfect for indoor and outdoor set up

Price/Size Information

Rental Price - $395.00/day

Size - L-38' W-10'6" H-15



Extreme Force

Ready... Set... Go... Who will win this race?

Price/Size Information

Rental Price - $649.00/day

Size - L-45' W-26' H-16'

bungee run

Double Lane Bungee Run

...Fun, Fun, Fun... both for adults and the kids...  The kids watch and cheer as the parents and older kids compete.

Perfect for block parties and events!


Price Information

Rental Price - $279.00/day